Our Acceleration Proccess



As experienced entrepreneurs, we are convinced it is our duty to help the newer generations. But we believe that finding new talent is no easy task. That is why we came up with a new phase in our acceleration process. Before taking any equity from the Startups we incubate, we get involved in the project’s every day life; we introduce the founders with great potential clients and we setup product trials with our partner companies. This way we can evaluate each Startup’s potential, and the entrepreneurs can get to know us and the way we work before we sign any kind of agreement.



Creating profitable companies is a mix of opportunity and hard work. Once we've determined a Startup has great potential and that we can help its founders grow their business, we begin with the Advising. We commit ourselves 100% to the projects and introduce each team to the right clients and partners and aim to monetize them fast, hence accelerating growth. We help define the right business model for each Startup and work alongside each team to understand their company’s true financial needs to pave the way towards an investment. We help every team with their financial, accounting and legal needs, so they can work on their products with no distractions and boost their expansion.



After a Startup is monetizing, finding the right investor is only a matter of time. Once we understand what each project needs in order to go after an investment and increase its growth even further, we define together the right investment strategy and lead the capital raising process. We accompany each investment and search for investors who can provide more than just capital, but also their time, contacts and expertise to the Startup. We believe this is the best way to look after the team’s investment, and our own.


Warner hub



Edutest allows you to learn the best and more complete courses from any place at any time.


SportsTT is a big data platform that tracks, analyzes and interpretates social networks activity during sports.


Mobile content aggregator that develops and implements innovative and creative mobile solutions.


Software product company specialized in intelligent business systems backed by hybrid Artificial Intelligence techniques.


KidBox is the first web service for kids designed for Spanish and Portuguese speaking families.


Survey Kiwi is the first responsive platform that allows you to create awesome surveys and forms completely customized.


With Plugty, event organizers can create, promote, and sell their events, reducing attendance and financial risks.


Trendio is your smart news that allows you to always be well informed with what you like depending on your interests.


The easiest, safest and most comfortable way to buy digital goods online and on your phone for the unbanked people.


Top Trends is a social content curation platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to enhance its discovery capabilities.


The most popular school communitation platform in Latin America, with Blended, schools have every tool they need in the same platform, thus saving time and money.


Unicorn proposes a new dimension of games, integrating the dynamics of traditional ganes with the fun and challenge of a viedeo game.


GraphPath AI aims at democratizing machine intelligence by simplifying the management of graph computing and machine learning technologies for companies.


Lingosongs is a platform that helps practice and learn different languages with Warner Music Group artists and songs.


Topsify Trends is a platform developed in partnership with Warner Music, whose goal is to enable music fans to discover, enjoy and live music in a unique way.

  • Vires acquirit eundo

  • Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools.

    Henry Ford.
  • When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.

    Winston S Churchill.
  • Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

    Napoleon Bonaparte.



Multi-skilled Entrepreneurs

Federico Guaglianone
Design Expert Edutest.me
Startup Business Edutest.me
UX Frontend Developer Plugty
Full Stack Developer Plugty
Sergio Aguirre
Senior Developer Edutest.me
Tomás Franceschin
Content Strategy Meet Victor
Jacinto Montú
Games & Toys Developer Unicorn Games
Daniel Rinaldi
Mobile Operator Expert Gomovil.co
Diego San Martín
Mobile Business Expert Gomovil.co
Santiago Echazu
App Developer Paisanos Creando
Ignacio Gutierrez
Full Stack Developer Sketch Consulting
Luciano Ordoñez
AI 7 Puentes

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